Our Mission: to achieve the highest caliber of engraving possible.

What makes us unique?  Our method of engraving.  We use the preferred method of engraving on crystal and glass - a method called sandcarving. Sandcarving employs precision sandblast engraving techniques that have been refined since pressurized sandblasting equipment was first invented.

Other engraving techniques such as print, laser, or acid etching can be toxic and can fade with use and washing. While they can be more efficient for mass production, these other techniques cannot accomplish the level of detail on varied surfaces that sandcarving can.

Our founder Steve Schaffer began his career in Sandcarving in NYC over 35 years ago. He has worked with top designers and architects on commercial and residential deep-etch, multi-stage engraving installations.  Steve not only became a Master Sandcarver, but holds several patents for Sandcarving related products, some of which were sold on television’s “QVC” in the 1990's.  Today he still enjoys the trade and works as Chief Innovator and Engraver for Innovative Etching.       

                           Contact Steve Schaffer: steve@inetch.com